What are our academic principles?

Both the tools and lesson materials in EF Class have been developed according to pedagogical principles identified by our academic team as leading to powerful improvements in learning.

Well-established research findings show that students are better able to retain information in long-term memory if it is meaningful to them. As a result, the EF Class academic team is constantly producing up-to-date material, often on a weekly basis, and working with educators to ensure that material is relevant to their learners. Authentic texts and videos bring real life into the classroom, and students are also given genuinely communicative activities and meaningful tasks to practise language skills. A wide range of short, novel activities and media are also used to capture the attention of teenage minds. 

In addition, EF Class allows continuous opportunities for formative assessment. Lessons begin with learning goals and success criteria so both teachers and students know what is expected of them and can assess their achievement against this. Students receive automatic feedback and guidance from the app, and student results can be tracked in real time by the teacher. Based on this information, teachers can differentiate by sending activities designed to provide additional support or challenge to students who need it. Furthermore, by giving students opportunities to choose between tasks and reflect on their learning through exit tickets, EF Class supports student autonomy.


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