What courses and content do we offer?

EF Class offers an extremely wide range of courses. 

Core courses

Our core courses target particular English levels, exploring relevant topics and the core language skills required at specific CEFR levels. 

Language skills

We also offer Grammar lab lessons, which support our core content and help students learn and practise grammar. Grammar lab 1st edition is primarily designed for self-study practice and Grammar lab 2nd edition can be used in class or as self-study. Pronunciation lab provides similar support for students who need to practise the sounds, rhythm, stress, or intonation of English. 

Weekly lessons

A particularly popular set of lessons can be found in the Weekly lessons course. A new lesson is added every week during term time, exploring the latest news, events, and trends. Weekly lessons are a great way to bring additional relevance and engagement to the English classroom.

Specialized courses

Other courses focus on topics that may be useful at particular points in the school year, or for certain groups of students. At the start of the year, teachers can use Getting started lessons to introduce students to EF Class and the new academic year, and use Diagnostic tests to assess their students’ English levels. The Student reflection course helps students think about what they’ve learned over time. Exam practice lessons give additional support to students as exams approach. The Games course is packed with fun lessons that can be used when learning needs to be spiced up. Teachers with students specializing in particular vocations or preparing to enter the workforce can use the Vocational and business course. 


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