How are lessons structured?


EF Class lessons are carefully structured to maximize opportunities for learning. In accordance with the principles of formative assessment, lessons begin with a clear statement of the learning goals and success criteria for the lesson, against which students can assess their own progress.

Warm up and Lead in

Warm up and Lead in activities are designed to activate students’ prior knowledge of a topic in a fun, low-pressure way, providing opportunities to link new learning to networks of existing knowledge. 

Listening and Reading

Receptive skills lessons offer a skills-based approach to listening and reading, giving students a variety of strategies with which to approach a text, including a focus on main ideas, detailed comprehension, inference, and more in-depth textual analysis. Students are also given the opportunity to determine the meaning of new vocabulary from a text, then practise and apply it.

Speaking and Writing

In productive skills lessons, students are given a clear model of speaking or writing against which to judge their own productions. The key functional language they need is presented in context and they are given opportunities to practise and apply the language before working, often in collaboration with peers, to create their own productions.


We provide a variety of approaches to grammar lessons. In the new edition of Grammar lab, students are assessed on their prior knowledge before they are guided to discover the use of the structure in a realistic context. Following opportunities to practise and apply grammatical structures, students are assessed again so that they can appreciate the progress they have made across the lesson.

Support and Challenge activities

For many EF Class lessons, activities labelled ‘Support’ are also available for teachers to send to students who may need additional practice. At the same time, ‘Challenge’ activities are provided for students who may need to be stretched further.

Follow up and Exit ticket

Our lessons conclude with opportunities for students to discuss and further extend their new knowledge into areas that are relevant to them. Finally, an exit ticket encourages students to assess how much they have learned and where gaps in their knowledge remain.


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