'Taught Lessons'

‘Taught Lessons’ is a record and history of lessons you have taught and assignments you have sent. As soon as a lesson is stopped, or an assignment is sent, it will appear here with a date-stamp for reference. (Note: Taught lessons are only available if you have created a Class) 

Viewing student responses 

Any activity that happened during a particular lesson or assignment will be preserved in ‘Taught Lessons’, including any and all answers submitted by students, so you will have a permanent record of their work in EF Class. 

(Note: Student responses are only available in Connected mode)


  1. Click the lesson or assignment in question.
  2. Click ‘View student responses’.


Restart lesson

‘Taught Lessons’ preserves the full state of any previously taught lesson, meaning you can restart the lesson from here, which is useful if you didn’t manage to finish the lesson the first time around. 


  1. Navigate to Taught Lessons
  2. Select the lesson you wish to restart.
  3. Click ‘Start lesson’ in the top right-hand corner. 

(Note: The lesson will automatically start for the class it was previously taught to.) 


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