The Lesson overview

All EF Class lessons are collections of activities focused around a specific topic, language point, or skill. The ‘Lesson overview’ allows teachers to get a feel for the duration and structure of a lesson, browse all of the activities within, and even preview and try them out. Ultimately, the aim is to help teachers decide whether the lesson is appropriate for their class. 

Rememberthe duration, activities, and sequence of any EF Class lessons is merely a suggestion. It is up to the teacher to decide how many and which activities to teach, and in what sequence. As such, all EF Class lessons can be modified by teachers, however they see fit.

The lesson header

The lesson header contains a summary of key information to help you decide whether a lesson is appropriate for your students. 


The activity cards 

Activity cards in the Lesson overview give you an idea of what is included in each activity. They include a small picture of the activity, teaching recommendations, student instructions, and teacher notes. They also have a ‘Preview’ button you can use to see the full activity, and a menu for editing or moving the activity.


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