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If your students have access to their own laptops or iPads, you’ll really be able to feel the full magic of EF Class! 

Key points:

  • You will need to enrol students into your class before they can join a lesson.
  • Students will need to create EF Class accounts before they can enrol into your class.
  • The class link is the mechanism by which students enrol into your class. 

(Note: We create a default class for you when you register with EF Class, however you can also create your own.) 


  1. Enrol your students. (Note: We recommend you take these steps before the day of the lesson.)
    1. Click on 'Your Classes'.
    2. Copy the class link to your clipboard by clicking ‘Copy class link’.
    3. Send this link to your students via your Learning Management System, via email or via whatever your preferred method of communication is, with instructions to register. (Note: Students will be prompted to create an EF Class account when they click on the link. Once they complete registration they will automatically be enrolled into your class.) 
    4. Once students have enrolled into your class, they will appear in the 'Your Classes' view.


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