Setting an assignment

Key point: You must create a class before you can set an assignment.

As well as being taught in class, any lesson in ‘Discover’ can also be set as an assignment, so that students can complete it at home, in their own time. This is a great way to offer extra practice for students that require more support. 


Setting an assignment


  1. Find and select the lesson you wish to send as an assignment. 
  2. Click the ‘Teaching options’ button in the top right-hand corner. 
  3. Select ‘Set as an assignment’.
  4. Select the class you wish to set the assignment for. 
  5. Click ‘Start assignment’.

(Note: The default is that ALL of the activities within a lesson will be sent with the assignment. If you wish to send specific activities only, this can be specified from the ‘Select class’ modal.) 




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