Starting a Presentation lesson


There are two ways to deliver an EF Class lessons to students. The choice you make will depend on your own preferences and/or teaching style, and whether your students have access to devices in the classroom.  

Presentation lessons allow teachers to present activities to the whole class using a projector or by screen-mirroring, for example. 


Steps (web-app): 

  1. Click on the lesson plan you want to teach 
  2. Click ‘Teaching options’ 
  3. Select ‘Start a presentation’ 
  4. Share your screen via whatever means you like 
  5. Scroll through the activity slides using the chevron button


Steps (iPad or Mac app): 

There are two ways to connect your iOS device to present an EF Class lesson plan. 

1. Connect with an adaptor

- Connect directly to a projector or screen by plugging an adaptor into your iPad's lightning port

2. Connect with Apple TV

- Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV. 

- Open your iPad's control centre

- Tap "Screen Mirroring"

- Select your Apple TV

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