Starting a Connected lesson

There are two ways to deliver an EF Class lessons to students. The choice you make will depend on your own preferences and/or teaching style, and whether your students have access to devices in the classroom.  

If your students have access to their own laptops or iPads, you’ll really be able to feel the full magic of EF Class! Connected lessons allow teachers to send activities to students devices, and track their responses in real-time. 

Teacher steps: 

  1. Click on the lesson plan you want to teach
  2. Click ‘Teaching options’
  3. Select ‘Start a connected lesson’
  4. Share the 4-digit code with your students and ask them to enter it at
  5. Alternatively, share it directly with them via Google Classroom




Student steps (when joining via 

  1. Click ‘Enter code’ on the top right of our homepage 
  2. Enter the 4-digit code and click the chevron button 
  3. Click ‘Join lesson’ on the 'Lesson details' page
  4. Click “Join lesson’ again in the application 




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