Creating a class

‘Your Classes’ is the place for you to manage your own groups of registered students in EF Class. Each class represents a grouping of students of your choosing. You will need to create classes if you wish to see your students’ names against Student responses, and access Taught lessons

Note! Students will need to register with EF Class, to enrol into your class.

Enabling ‘Your classes’ 


  1. Click the ‘Account’ icon at the bottom of the side navigation bar 
  2. Click the ‘Enable’ button in the Account view 
  3. ‘Your classes’ icon will appear in the side navigation bar 




Creating a class 

EF Class allows you to create up to ten of your own classes. 


  1. Click the ‘Your Classes’ icon in the side navigation bar 
  2. Click the ‘+’ button
  3. Provide a name for the class and click ‘Create’

(Note: The newly created class will appear in the ‘Your Classes’ column on the left.) 


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